About Us

There are a great many book review sites, this one is my dream. I wanted to review books that I love, that interest me, that aren’t on a specific type of site, or have been pigeonholed by genre. So this will be a rather eclectic mix. I hope you will enjoy looking through my blog, perhaps enjoy finding something to read that may not be your normal reading matter but that you have seen a spark in, through my eyes.
If you are like me you dread finishing a book you are really enjoying. When I turn that final page I know that I will then have to spend time firstly tracing my finger across the ever increasing pile of as yet untouched new books sitting by my bed and then in front of my bookshelves umming and ahhing picking a book out flicking through it and putting it back, my finger sliding across the spines as I try to decide which book commit the next few days to. Sometimes that’s one book at a time, sometimes two or three and sometimes I give up, hoping inspiration will come.

Whilst I do have iBooks as well an e-reader app, and I also use audible I am a little old fashioned and far prefer physical books, for me a book is a pleasure, the artistic interpretation on the cover, the feel of its paper under my finger as I turn the pages, the weight of it in my hand, even a book mark can be a thing of beauty. Whereas any of the electronic versions, whilst they most certainly have a place, lose the character and feel of a physical book and I also miss the connection you get when you feel the book as opposed to the weight of a machine in your hand, to me it becomes a little soulless.

No one chooses the books for me, although suggestions are always welcome via the contact us option, no one pays me to review anything, these are my choices, words and opinions.

Please be patient with me, my blog is new and the reviews will come online as quickly as I can choose, read, write the review and post…but it will be a little time while they build up.

So I thank you in advance for your patience with me.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.