What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe

What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Randall Munroe

audible, ebook, physical book.

ISBN – 978-1848549579


What if…I were to recommend a book full of scientific fact? What if…I were to tell you it was intelligently written, witty, and full of interest? Science is not my normal genre of book to read or if I do then I would normally have taken months to plough through dry facts, and it would end its life as a doorstop!
What If? however has been as fresh as a spring breeze after a vile winter, it held my full attention from the first word to the very last ( I was listening to the audible version ), there are far too few books of this kind around, science does not have to be dull and boring, and when someone gets it right as Mr Munroe most certainly has with What If? it is an utter joy to read and for me I have learned far more from this book than all my time with science teachers at school!! why? because he makes science interesting, fun, he challenges and stretches the envelope, he takes a daft question and runs with it, this to me is the definition of an enquiring scientific mind, why could my teachers not have had Mr Munroe’s enthusiasm and interest in this way.
I have never carried my device around with me listening to a book as I have with this, purely because it gets in the way, but I had it perched all over the place at full volume while I did the dishes, cleaned, tided etc because it was so incredibly interesting I found myself unable to put it down because I wanted to know the outcome of each reply and couldn’t wait!
The book is well laid out, the chapters are short and easy to take in, there is a nice flow between question and response as well as a good balance of scientific speak, easily digestible information and humour in the measured responses he gives to the readers questions. I loved the short chapters which were dotted through the book with a couple of quick questions he was never going to respond to…read the book and you will understand why! The writers style is fantastic, there is a lot of wit and dry humour mixed in with scientific writing aimed, luckily for me! at all of us, it is so nice to have a bunch of science’y stuff which is not so highbrow it is incomprehensible to us laypersons but instead holds your interest and teaches you while making you laugh at the same time.
The narrator of the audible version Wil Wheaton was in tune with the book, and the demographic it was aimed at, getting across the dry humour very well it really felt like he got the book, I loved his intonation and his pitch and tone the whole way through were very good which thoroughly added to my enjoyment of What If? because if the narrator is off it can totally ruin a great book.
Run and get this book, I LOVED IT!!!