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Persephone’s Orchard

Molly Ringle

ISBN 978-1-926760-98-8

This is one of the most engaging and beautifully written books I have come across in a long time. It manages to weave its way into your life and I found myself thinking about it all the time, and whilst not being able to stop reading it I also didn’t want the book to finish.
I just loved the writers style and choice of subject, the way the past and present, myth and new story were so well intermingled I was pulled into the book in a way few other writers have achieved, this combination of mythology and up to date fiction becomes a kind of new romantic myth/fantasy that is very different and refreshing, giving a new perspective on an ages old myth.
The writing style was both fast paced and fearless, the content interesting and curious, navigating the lives and interconnectedness of each character, managing to capture both the past and present concisely and with clarity, it only took me two days to read the book and in that time it went everywhere with me, it is now a very battered, dog eared and beloved part of my collection.
Each character was full to bursting with personality and they were brought so effortlessly to life in the pages, so completely, compellingly, captivatingly and unforgettably written that they stay with you long after you have read the last page. Even the smaller parts are well crafted so that even the less than pleasant personas stay sharp in your memory despite a seemingly deliberately subtle description.
There is an enjoyable freedom in the writing as it winds and meanders through the captivating relationship between the two main characters, the writer breathes life into every word, every look and allows the story to blossom happily at its own pace, there is no feeling of the book being rushed, just a feeling that Ms Ringle enjoyed writing it every bit as much as I enjoyed reading it.
Greek mythology is not something I really had any knowledge of or much interest in, however in this vividly reimagined world of God’s and Myth’s Ms Ringle awoke an interest which has led me to read some of the mythical collections and I found I loved these as well. Her fresh perspectives bring to life in a new unusual way the intrigues of these ancient stories, there will be no spoilers here as it is better for you to unfold the intriguing twists and turns of Persephone’s Orchard yourself.
There is not in my estimation any reason to pigeonhole this book in a specific category as it has a wider appeal than any one category can offer, so don’t feel put off if you find it in a category you may not normally read as this book is bigger than that.
What a complete triumph of an ending….how could Ms Ringle do this to her readers?

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