Immortal’s Spring by Molly Ringle

Immortal’s Spring

Molly Ringle

ISBN 978-1-77168-040-0

I love that the writer dives straight back into the heart of the storyline, there is a powerful beginning to book three which pulls the reader straight back into the story without missing a beat from book two. After the storyline being set up so beautifully in books one and two it really feels like you can relax into the book after the opening chapter and wait for the magic to unfold.
Sadly this is the last the last book in this trilogy, it continues the dark and brooding storyline, pulling the reader along in a fast pace with drama and confusion, threat and counter threat there is a nice soft mix of magic, gods and two realms side by side from the point of view of the immortals.
Ms Ringle continues the good development of the characters and I like that she does not shy from relationship difficulties, or sexuality this all being honestly and well portrayed.
There is a nice development where the worlds energies are shown to be in charge of humanity, where we are shown how the fates balance good and evil and punish the bad in the underworld even if they escape punishment in this life, this is a really nice inclusion in the story as it shows the reader that perhaps these things will eventually balance themselves out.
We are shown a much bigger picture this time of the long and distant connections, of the who’s and when’s, of the lives almost repeated, this gives us a twist on amongst others…no no no, you must read the book to find out, I could not possibly spoil these revelations as they are inspired.
I personally found the ending somehow slightly disappointed me, it was all a bit to quick and to be so neat and tidy and happily ever after so very quickly after two and three quarter books worth of build up, well firstly I wanted more and after the writers beautifully balanced darkness and light everywhere else was a bit of a surprise to have it all wrapped in big tidy happy bow.
After looking forward to an epic battle between the goodness and hope of the underworld and immortals and the evil of Thanatos above ground, and all the writers hard work setting us up for this battle in all three books it all came to a rather abrupt finish which, after the superb creative and detailed writing that I have become used to in the series so far it felt a little lacking in detail in the finale, the battle scenes came across as a little rushed and the aftermath was all to tidy, even in a happy ending there should be a few casualties of war on both sides instead it was very one-sided.
I actually had to go back and re-read several times those last scenes after I had finished the book, feeling like I had maybe missed something, but realised that for me it was because it was all finished too quickly. I have loved reading this series, and Ms Ringle is among my favourite writers, my niggles with the ending do not in any way diminish this and I will continue to purchase and re read her books, but I must be honest on my blog, as difficult as I found it to write this review I could not review the first two in the series then miss the final book as I didn’t love it quite as much as the first two. That said, please do not let this put you off reading these books, as they are all very much worth reading. It must also be said that this is of course only my opinion, you may view it differently.

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