Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

Little Black Lies

by Sharon Bolton

ISBN 9780552166393


This was a book I really really enjoyed reading, having never read anything by Sharon Bolton I found it by accident while I was milling around the bookshop and was attracted by the jacket and the title, then it sat in a pile of books I was meaning to read for ages!! it attracted me again while looking for a distraction one day and I’m so pleased this was the one picked out of the pile as I found it a very easy read, I personally have often found writers who use the style of splitting a book by character can create a distracting and confusing story but in this style Ms Bolton clearly excels as this was very clear and easy to follow, particularly as I had to put it away halfway through for several weeks but it was very easy to get straight back into even after such a long break in reading, and that is due to such great writing.
I found this to be a well written and thoughtful thriller/mystery with as many twists and turns as a road on the Falklands. By turns I think I probably suspected every single islander and tourist, but I did not see the ending coming, at all…when the last few paragraphs sunk in, I had to go back and reread it because I was so surprised, you have to love an ending like that, where you don’t see it coming and then it keeps impinging on your consciousness for the next few days with questions! I found the book cohesive and smooth, it didn’t lead you by the nose to the easy option, come to an inexplicable shuddering halt, or lose the plot halfway through it was just a thoroughly intriguing and very memorable read.
All of the characters are incredibly human and interesting, their internal struggles and well thought out, the character traits which both push the four main characters apart and also pull them together are beautifully written. This book is written in three parts, each a personal perspective of one of the three main characters which works incredibly well because of this particular story, the main characters flaws and imperfections bring the book to life as we follow them through this huge struggle with their individual loves, losses and decisions that affect each others lives so deeply past, present and future. It follows each in a twisting, tumbling, intertwining period of their lives where they could come together or blow each other apart, believe me it is very much worth taking the time to read.
These beautiful islands are brought to life in this book, their beauty and barrenness, the flora and fauna, the close knit community and of course intrigues therein, the nature of humankind good and bad in equal measure. there is judgement and balance in this book, the necessity of a cull brought to life in a brutal but clearcut way with a counterbalance later of a communities needs, this is well thought out and cleverly written.
For me this book is a must read and I really recommend it, particularly if you are looking for something a little different and less predictable than the usual mystery/thriller. I was so very sad to finish it but after a quick search of the bookshelves I see that there are several more books by this author so I will be interested to see if I find them as intriguing as this one…

Available as physical book, download and audiobook.

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