New release…Amanda Aksel ‘The Pregnancy Test’

Amanda Aksel

The Pregnancy Test

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This is the third of a trilogy, I read the first book a few years ago and quickly realised that it was a fun filled and in the end joyous story, as long as I appreciated that the lighthearted approach hid a depth in the story that I did not at first appreciate and it filtered slowly through my brain and stayed with me. So when I found out recently that there was a second and soon to be released third book I was over the moon, I downloaded and read the second book and found it to be as well written and interesting as the first book, it was thoroughly enjoyable and equally entertaining and thought provoking.
This third book however, for me particularly, as someone unable to have children and having gone through a lot of this was I felt written with the utmost sensitivity to the subject, and as someone often sensitive to it this is saying a great deal. The book is very well researched and thought out, it is written with strength, openness and does not shy from the harsh truths of this terribly difficult situation faced by many, I give a great deal of acknowledgement to this writer for her sensitivity and also her humour, a difficult balance to achieve, but Ms Aksel achieves it beautifully in The Pregnancy Test, it was therefore with understandable trepidation that I started this book but I am so pleased that I did as it has actually lifted my spirits as it is so stunningly observant of human nature, and beautifully captures the friendships and the generosity of spirit we should be capable of, I cried while I read this book but with the characters because of the insight and thoughtful writing not as I thought I would out of sadness for myself, this is because the writing is so good it does what every bestselling book does, it takes you out of yourself and focuses your thoughts on the characters brought to life through the web of words Ms Askel has woven for us.
The characters in this book are by now very well described, and have good depth allowing the writer to push the relationships between them leading to a not just easily believable read, but a book that was glued to my nose firmly from start to finish. I was delighted with the way the trilogy evolved the central characters, to the point I was so involved with them I was by turns telling them off, giving them encouragement, and when I had to put the book down to eat and sleep wondering if they would work things out.
I do have a single small criticism, these books are not the lightweight reads they are to me presented as, dealing as they do with the difficult and in some cases painful realities of life, it does not lower itself by painting the world with a rose coloured tint, but instead deals truthfully and openly but with humour and honesty with the ups and downs of life. And even through it faces squarely some hardships it is written in such a way as to bring you hope that every obstacle can be surmounted, this is a good way to leave us readers wanting more, as it is not very often I find myself just as invested in the third book as I was in the first.
This is a good read and well written book, which I think will soon be listed as an award winner, I am hoping that Ms Aksel writes more books as her style and tone go down very well with me and I will be looking forward to her next publication, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

2 thoughts on “New release…Amanda Aksel ‘The Pregnancy Test’”

  1. Words cannot express how much this review has touched my heart 💜 It makes all those long hours editing on the computer and the back pain that comes with it totally worth it. Thank you for sharing this on your blog! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book 😊🌻☀

    1. This was such a moving book, it is very deserving of a place on my special book shelf…well as soon as it becomes a physical book!!

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