The Frank Family That Survived by Gordon F. Sander

The Frank Family That Survived

Gordon F. Sander

ISBN 0-09-179488-9

This wonderful book was given to me as a gift by a very kind friend. He knew I had read The Diary of Anne Frank ( ISBN 978-0385508576) and had found it to be extremely moving, as well as knowing that I was a complete bookworm and therefore for me nothing is better than getting a new book to read.
For me it was a little stiff to get into while the family connections are all explained, and the significance of what is happening is set out, this is very detailed but it is very much worthwhile hanging on in there for the family do truly come alive, under the writers thoughtful viewpoint drawing the reader in and bringing to life his family history. It is very interesting to hear the inside view from members of the family, and also to an extent a view from the newer generation of their family which gave a different slant on the story. The family history is brought to sharp focus in part because of the inclusion of photos so you could see the faces looking at you from parts of their lives described in the book and therefore connect better with the family who’s astonishing life you are reading.
I found this book to be such an eye opener, showing very sad aspects of humanity, but in this book thankfully also flashes of human kindness and self sacrifice, and these are both well described and provide a little balance to the grim history being laid out for us, I learned a lot from this book.
It is difficult I think from our modern perspective to understand the unbelievable conditions the Franks were forced to endure due to the time in which they lived, from the high life to the absolute lows of life during the great wars, however thanks to the obvious effort the writer has put into his research the book outlines with unusual clarity how they managed to survive and his writing is so descriptive it is hard to shake the book from your head when you put it down. I think that in part because of the way it was given to me and the window it opened into the past through a very richly and vibrantly described family dealing with such utter destruction that would cast a shadow over generations meant I could not put it down and it brought me to tears over and over at the devastation wrought on our world and millions upon millions of lives of all faiths and nationalities and for no good cause.
Reading this book has left me with an ongoing interest in both the World Wars and other difficult topics the book has opened my eyes too. While as I said this was not the first book I have read on this subject I do think this gives the reader a broader view because of the generational follow through and the different perspectives through which this story is presented.
This is a book that I very highly recommend to anyone wanting an in depth view from the inside of this war and not just from the inside perspective of those who ‘dived under’ but those around them as well. I very much enjoyed the book because of the way in which it was approached and written and I am impressed by the writers strength and skill to complete the project. But readers be aware it is a book of great depth and historical importance not a lightweight by any stretch of the imagination.
This is a book of great importance, a book to provoke thought and conversation, one of the books to be treasured and to ensure this time is never forgotten.

Love Immy xx

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